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Tip for the Week

The Traidcraft stall is giving out free shopping bags with purchases. These have been made by the Worth Stitchers especially for the Worth Traidcraft stall. The bags are part of a scheme to recycle spare fabric and reduce the use of plastic bags. See www.Morsbags.com for more information.

Come and purchase and receive your free shopping bag.


Sunday, 19th November, World Day of the Poor


"We are called to draw near to the poor, to encounter them, to meet their gaze, to embrace them and let them feel the warmth of love that breaks through their solitude. Their outstretched hand is also an invitation to step out of our certainties and comforts and to acknowledge the value of poverty itself".



The World Day of the Poor is a new celebration in the Catholic calendar, created by Pope Francis at the end of his 2015-16 Jubilee Year of Mercy. In his document concluding the year, Misericordia et Misera, the Pope asked that Catholics celebrate this special day each year on the 33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time. Pope Francis is calling on Christians around the world to serve the poor with concrete actions that address their day needs .In his Message for the First World Day of the Poor he writes that service to the poor is "an imperative that no Christian may disregard." In our communities we are invited to offer friendship, solidarity and welcome to the poorest of our sisters and brothers. Pope Francis also asks us to pray together, especially the Our Father.


St Matia Malumba Health Centre Appeal


The St Matia, Malumba Health Centre, largely built by donors from Worth Abbey Parish, is perhaps our most vital project in our friendship parish in Irundu, Uganda. The Diocesan-owned health facility is one of only six Catholic health centres in the diocese with in-patient facilities, and there are ten qualified medical staff working full time in the Centre.

Three years ago we asked parishioners to consider committing to an annual contribution towards the Health Centre. We had a heart-warming response, but inevitably over time the Health Centre deficit has increased and the annual amount we raise has fallen.


Like Oliver Twist, we come asking for more. Please pick up an Appeal Form in the Narthex or print a copy here and return it to the Parish Office. We will be most grateful for your support for this critically important service to the whole Irundu community.


Christmas Cards, Gifts, Decorations



The Traidcraft stall is taking Christmas orders. You can view the range of cards, gifts, wrapping paper and festive decor in the Traidcraft Christmas shop. The last date for orders is the weekend of 2nd/3rd December. However, there will be some cards for sale on the stall after that date.



In addition to the normal opening after the 9.30 am Sunday Mass the stall will be open after the Children's Mass on Saturday, 4th November and Saturday, 2nd December. It will also be open after the evening concerts on Sunday, 12th November and Sunday, 3rd December. Please support your parish Traidcraft stall.


On Saturday, 29th October, we had a very joyful celebration at the Irundu Mass in the Abbey Church. This was followed by a wonderful party afterwards in Compass House. The leader of the choir has written: "As noted in my farewell speech, it is always an honour and privilege to come in the name of our brothers and sisters back in Irundu. We had a great time which appears to increase time after time. We pray for God's grace to keep the momentum going. The choir were as usual immensely joyed by the parishioners at the reception. I wish you continued good health until we meet again".

 St Gabriel's Archway Ugandan Choir        


Following the Mass the sale of Jenny Harrison's wonderful homemade jams and chutneys raised £361. She will be back with more lovely jams and chutneys afte Mass on Sunday 3rd December and Sunday 10th December.


New Evangelisation - 'Re-Lit', "Evangelization is the mission of the Church, not just of a few, but my, your, our mission" (Pope Francis)



The Parish has launched Relit, a DVD programme that helps revitalise parishes by training groups to share the Good News with each other and those who do not yet belong. With practical tools and a fresh perspective, we can make all of our Parish activities and our programmes of sacramental preparation reach and inspire people more effectively. We will integrate evangelisation into everything we do at Worth as a Parish. For the Worth Parish Re-lit Programme 2017/2018 click here






Spend a 3-Minute Retreat with God Each Day



Daily Prayer with Sacred Space



Centred on the Benedictine monastic community at Worth Abbey, our parish is in the Sussex Weald near the village of Turners Hill, just south of Crawley. A parish of the Diocese of Arundel and Brighton, it is a living and learning community where faith can develop and the lives of its people be enriched.


Worth Abbey Parish is a friendly Christian church, a place where people of all ages and backgrounds can discover  a way of living life more fully through developing a closer relationship with the person of Christ in a community of believers. Our common faith tells us that we are the loved people of a God who stops at nothing to show us this love; and through the mysterious working of the Lord Jesus in his Church we are allowed to share His Divine power.


Worth Abbey is a community where people worship, learn and  share and where the important milestones of faith are celebrated. There are many opportunities in the parish for individuals of all ages, and families, to develop and explore faith and to learn more about the Church. All are welcome – whatever their background, knowledge and experience. You don’t have to have all the answers…but you can ask the questions.





Father Paul Fleetwood is the Parish Priest. He ws born in 1951 on the kitchen table of a farm house in a remote part of North Yorkshire where there was no electricity but many fleas! He was educated at Belmont Abbey School, a Benedictine school on the outskirts of Hereford. Here he loathed rugger, at which the School excelled, and loved music, in a minority of one. He then completed 4 years of higher education, studying Classics and Anglo-Saxon and Old Norse, and is still looking for a conversation partner. While at university he began to visit the Lay Community at Worth Abbey, being attracted by what he had heard of their mission in Peru. Read more ...

Fr Paul can be contacted on Tel. no. 01342 710313 or Mobile no. 07764260216

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Parish Secretary: Maria Stribbling.

Maria works Monday - Friday, 9.30 am - 1.30 pm. She can be contacted on 01342 710313 or by email parish@worth.org.uk

































Worth Abbey Parish, Paddockhurst Road, Turners Hill, Crawley, West Sussex RH10 4SB Tel. no. 01342 710313
The parish is part of the Diocese of Arundel and Brighton (Arundel and Brighton Diocesan Trust  registered charity 252878) (



33rd Sunday of the Year (A)


"You have been faithful in small things; come and join in your master's happiness" Matthew 25: 14-30

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The Pope's Worldwide Prayer Network


We are all invited to become Apostles of Prayer. This can be done by sharing the monthly intentions of Pope Francis and his new 'Urgent Action' intentions announced each month. Click on the image for more information and to watch the monthly video

Ask for a Prayer

You are welcome to submit your requests for prayers for your intentions, however great or small. Please contact Fr Paul at parish@worth.org.uk

Eucharistic Ministers take Holy Communion to parishioners who are ill or otherwise unable to attend Mass. If you know of someone who would like a home visit please contact the Parish Office at parish@worth.org.uk or call 01342 710313 










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