African Friendship Parish 

St. Matia Mulumba, Irundu, Uganda


Our friendship with Irundu began in 2005 with a suggestion that we find a parish with which to twin in Africa. In 2006 three parishioners went to Uganda to find a suitable parish and one that was willing to twin with us. They decided on Irundu, a parish of 2000 square miles and 36000 parishioners in the east of Uganda in Jinja Diocese.

Read about the history and progress of the Worth Irundu Friendship,  2007 - 2014

The appeal for money to provide seeds during the prolonged drought raised a very generous £6,237.00. Read Cynthia's report on the distribution of the seeds, the St Matia Malumba Health Centre, etc.


The road to Irundu 


Jinja is on the northern shore of Lake Victoria and the source of the Blue Nile. Fifty miles north of Jinja on the shores of Lake Kyoga lies our friendship parish. The tarmac road from Jinja runs out some way before the parish boundary, and there isn’t a single tarmac road within the parish.

The Parish Priest is Fr. Stephen Mudoola and he is assisted by Fr Denis and Fr Sylvester. With such a huge area to cover Irundu has developed in a typically African way – with a fully involved laity running most of the parish activities.




There are 6 major centres and 36 sub-centres where Sunday worship is offered without a priest; in addition there are over100 groups meetin for prayer, scripture study and economic cooperation

Members of the Worth-Irundu Friendship (WIF) Committee are: Fr Paul, Paul Ambridge, Joe O'Dwyer, Kir Bennett Horner and Robin Williamson (Chair). The Committee may want to include others or to co-opt members


IrunduScenea   IrunduStreet  

Typical Irundu Scene                                                  Irundu Street


8th October 2016, Worth-Irundu Friendship Mass and Reception

A hugely successful Mass and Reception were held on Saturday, 8th October to mark the Worth-Irundu Friendship, at which Paul Ambridge launched the Car Mechanics Workshop Appeal (details below). The London-based Uganda Martyrs Choir together with drummers provided exhilarating music in the Abbey Church and afterwards at the well-attended reception in Compass House


                  Click on the image for a slideshow of the Mass and Reception            


Click on the images below for videos of the Uganda Martyrs Choir and Drummers

Irundu-Mass5bb     Irundu-Mass8bb 




Father Paul's Visit to Irundu, April 2016 - click on the image below for a slideshow of his visit


Irundu-Family           Fr Paul writes: My abiding impression of Irundu is one of immense warmth - both physical, over 30 C, but most of all human. The welcome which Paul and Ali Ambridge and I received from all whom we met was overwhelming, and I felt that, for those who have very few material possessions, human relationships are especially important. I was impressed by the enthusiasm for life, expressed particularly in their Sunday liturgy. Although I was disappointed that it lasted only two hours, and not the four hours I'd been expecting, the strength and beauty of the singing and evident devotion of the people who were packed into the parish church demonstrated a quality of faith which we would envy. Read more


To watch a video of the visit made by Ali and Paul Ambridge click here


Irundu Workshop Appeal


Car-Mechanics-Workshopa     Gaining a qualification is really important for young people in our friendship parish in Irundu, Uganda. Thanks to great work by Worth School Junior House under the leadership of parishioners, Ali and Paul Ambridge, a workshop for training car mechanics has been built. Before the training can start we need to provide equipment, from welding goggles (£4) to old petrol and diesel engines (£500)    
Car Mechanics Workshop          


Thanks to your generosity the Car Mechanics Workshop Appeal has raised £4,350 and with Gift Aid we have reached our target of £5000. Any surplus funds will be used to sponsor students, who need to pay for accommodation and subsistence during their course



Worth-Irundu Friendship House

Friendship-House       The Worth-Irundu Friendship House has been financed by an anonymous Worth donor. It is meant primarily to provide accommodation for visiting Worth parishioners to come and stay and learn from the Irundu parish by working and joining together. It also occasionally provides accommodation for teachers, medical staff, etc. The downstairs of the building houses a micro-credit office and seed store   


The Worth-Irundu Friendship Prayer

God our Father,
Our refuge in adversity,
Our strength in weakness,
Our comfort in sorrow,
Be merciful to your people.

Keep the churches of Worth and Irundu in your special care.
Increase our faith,
Give us this day our daily bread,
And help us to keep learning from each other,
Offering to each other
And receiving from each other.

We make this prayer through Christ our Lord, Amen



'Running for Irundu' April 2014

Julian has completed the Marathon des Sables and has raised £12,300 for 2 water boreholes in Irundu. What a wonderful achievement! Many congratulations, Julian



St Matia Malumba Church

MatiaMalumbaChurch       MatiaMalumbaChurch1      




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