A Parish Meeting, to which all parishioners are invited, takes place annually in March. It is held in the Unity Room following the 9.30 Sunday Mass at the Abbey and lasts for about an hour. The meeting is an opportunity to keep parishioners informed of new initiatives and to bring them up to date on on-going activities. Written reports on the Parish and the budget for the current year are made available prior to the meeting. Elections for new Parish Pastoral Council members take place when appropriate.


Worth Abbey Parish Annual Report 2016


Parish AGM, Sunday,19th March 2017


              Parish Annual General Meeting held in the Unity Room on Sunday, 19th March 2017        


Tha Parish AGM was held in the Unity Room following the 9,30 Mass. The meeting opened with talks by Aidan Cantwell and Anna Pincus, who both spoke about different aspects of the refugee crisis, Aidan first addressed the international situation, showing a film made by the UNHCR, accompanied by images which were as disturbing as the statistics. At the local level he explained the part which the diocese is playing in helping to resettle Syrian families. Anna spoke about immigration detention and the role of the Gatwick Visitors' Group, who try to support them, She explained how detainees are kept in conditions like those of a prision, but, because detention is indefinite, it is therefore much worse that a prison sentence. Anna also spoke about the work of  Refugees Welcome - Crawley, serving local refugee families.

The talks on refugees were followed by a presentation by Christina Fitzsimons, Paddy Hall and Therese Hobson-Frohock on the CAFOD initiative, Livesimply. They explained the 3 main strands - Live Simply, Live Sustainably and Live in Solidarity with the Poor. It is a call to faith in action which the parish will be adoping. For more details of the presentations click here

      Parish-AGMbb     Parish-AGMcc     
      Geirge Fitzsimons, Anna Pincus, Aidan Cantwell     Christina Fitzsimons    


              Parishioners Enjoying a Buffet Lunch  


      Paul,-Paddy,-Stephanie         Theresa,-Alan-etc
      Father Paul, Paddy Hall, Stepahanie Thornton         Fr Paul, Theresa Hobson-Frohock, Alan Rew and Anna Pincus


              Joe O'Dwyer, Kir Bennet Horner, Jane O'Dwyer and Fr Paul                  












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