Confirmation is the sacrament which completes the process of initiation into the Catholic Church. It is undertaken when a Christian is sufficiently mature to take the step into full membership of the Church. The sacrament is a gifting with the power of the Spirit to love.

The Spirit is symbolised in two ways – the laying on of hands and praying for the Spirit’s power, and being sealed with the oil of chrism to strengthen the new member to live out his or her Christian calling.


Our 2017 Confirmation group - Evelyn Champain, Max Fitzgerald, Jessie Gallagher, Abigail Horton, Rosa McKechie, Poppy Owers, Harriet Record, Jason Horton, Chloe Roberts and Marco Fernandes - were confirmed by Bishop Richard Moth in the Abbey Church on Sunday 25th June.

             Confirmation Group with Their Catechist, Theresa Hobson-Frohock  


Sincere congratulations to all the Confirmation candidates on making this step to reaffirm their commitment to their Christian faith and practice. Please pray for them and for their families.

Grateful thanks to Theresa, their catechist, for so faithfully accompanying the young people in their journey of faith. We also thank Mary Killick, Will and Bex Desmond and Anna McDougall for their part in helping them in their preparation. 

Our next programme will run over 2 years with a youth Alpha programme (Alpha Youth) that starts the discipleship process for those aged 13 to 14 during 2017-2018. We aim to meet monthly on Sunday afternoons with food starting at 3.00pm and finishing with prayer at 5.30pm in the Unity Room (by the East door of the Abbey Church).

The full Confirmation preparation will begin in September 2018 with Confirmation taking place in the Spring of 2019. For further details please contact Theresa.


The Confirmation Catechist is:  Theresa Hobson-Frohock (email or

If you want to know more about the sacraments, other than Confirmation, click here


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